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Bluestone Stair Treads.JPG

Bluestone Slabs

Stair Treads / Copings / Benches / Hearths

Natural stone pallet contains 70 sq. ft. with the option of purchasing by the piece or by the pallet. Four colors available, all of which are matching with our Versailles pattern bluestone patio kits. These work well for stair treads, copings, benches, or perhaps a hearth.

Burnished will have a tan, brown, red, gold, or green. Penny Gren will consist of light green, tan, and silver. Silvered will consist of gray, light gray, and some dark gray. Chalked Black will be a dark gray/black color. This natural stone product will have some variations in color and texture differences. Each piece is quality controlled to ensure proper size and thickness giving you peace of mind when ordering from us.

Dimensions; 6' x 14" x 2"

Quantity per pallet; 10 pieces

The bottom has a milled surface to ensure 2" thickness. Each side is hand chipped to keep it as natural as possible while giving it a quality shape. 

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